Center for Transformative Education

Ahmad Amara, Senior Facilitator

Ahmad Amara, a Senior Facilitator with the Center for Transformative Education, is a native of the town of Qana in the Galilee and has lived in the United States since August 2006. Currently, Amara is a PhD candidate at New York University. Previously he was Global Advocacy Fellow at Harvard Law School, where he conducted human rights projects in the Middle East. Amara received his BA and Master's degrees in Law from Tel Aviv University, and earned a second Master's degree in International Human Rights Law from Essex University in the United Kingdom. In 2005, Amara co-founded Karama (Arabic for "Dignity"), a human rights organization located in Nazareth, where he served as a Senior Staff Attorney. Paralleling his experiences as a human rights scholar and activist, Amara has extensive experience as both an educator and facilitator working with groups in conflict. After training in Group Facilitation at Wahat Al-Salam/Neve Shalom, Amara worked in diverse joint settings including Giv'at Habiba, the NIR School of the Heart, and Wahat Al-Salam/Neve Shalom, among other places. Amara also gained considerable experience as an educator while working on the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University as both a Teaching Assistant in International Law and a Clinic Program Coordinator. Ahmad was a Co-Senior Facilitator with Abraham’s Vision. He has served as a Senior Facilitator for a number of CTE programs, including our Facilitation Training Course.